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At Utopia, we recognize that every child is unique and therefore we fully embrace and support ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’.

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Hygiene isn't something we started looking out for after Covid. Hygiene is something integral to the founding principles of Utopia

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About Us

At Utopia we recognize that every child is unique and therefore we fully embrace and support ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’. It is an integral part of the whole educational experience of the children and our ethos. We exist to provide early years education for children of the local community. This is what makes Utopia the best primary school in Dehradun!

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Education Games & Activities
Teaching Kids to Express their Creativity
Gifted & Talented Program

Our Classes

Months Old

Class Size

Junior Montessori (Playgroup)

Age Group - (2 to 3 years)

Months Old

Class Size

Preparatory Step (UKG)

Age Group - (4 to 5 years)

Months Old

Class Size

Step 3

Age Group - (7 to 8 years)

Months Old

Class Size

Senior Montessori (LKG)

Age Group - (3 to 4 years)

Months Old

Class Size

Step 1-2

Age Group - (5 to 7 years)

Months Old

Class Size

Step 4-5

Age Group - (8 to 9 years)

Classroom Facilities

Ever wondered what little kids want from a school? They want another home-like safe & happy space! A place where they can play and learn, sleep and grow, share and care, is it too much to ask? The best primary school in Dehradun doesn’t think so!

From a colorful Munching Province (Dining Room) to the most celebrated Utopian Beach, and much more in between, Utopia is not just a primary school, but an arena of Self-Exploration and Innovation.

Utopia provides a solid academic foundation and overall development of a child through Utopia Philosophy

We’ll set your child on the road of creativity and curiosity while developing self-awareness (emotional development and physical skills), self-care (proper eating habits, dressing skills), academic skills, empathy, and confidence!

At Utopia Primary School, your bundle of joy learns and grows in a state-of-the-art environment with teachers encouraging an open communication of ideas. Our goal is to enable all learners’ access to learning through the provision.

Confused about where your little bundle of joy excels? Whether it’s the sports where their potential shine or academics where they give their best. The simple answer to this dilemma is- We don’t need to limit them to one field.

Which is why at the Utopia Primary School, we provide children with an immersive campus that covers all areas for the initial years crucial for their development. From a library with impressive titles to recreational activities, we provide it all!

Who doesn’t want to make friends? But little children don’t always know how to go about it. Preschoolers lack the necessary tools to comprehend social norms, use proper problem-solving techniques, or think through a challenging scenario.

We’ll be the first friend they make in school. It is through us and our manners plus social skills that they will discover how to treat other people around them. Some will pick up quickly, some will take their sweet time. We’ll be patient with each of them.

Your child’s readiness for life ahead is more than just academics. And who better understands this than us?

Our curricula are designed to focus on your child’s emotional and physical development, building empathy in them, creating self-awareness and confidence, which all are the basic ethos to grow into a responsible adult!


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