Extra Curricular Activities

Confused about where your little bundle of joy excels?

Whether it’s the sports where their potential shine or academics where they give their best. The simple answer to this dilemma is- We don’t need to limit them to one field.

Which is why at the Utopia Primary School, we provide children with an immersive campus that covers all areas for the initial years crucial for their development. From a library with impressive titles to recreational activities, we provide it all!

1. Education tour, Effective Reading
2. Block Play, Sand Play, Water Play, Role Play
3. Audio and Visual, Smart Classes
4. Puppetry, Dance/Music
5. Story Telling/ Making
6. Dining Etiquettes, Nature Hunt
7. Outdoor activities for kinesthetic growth
8. Picnic Patterning, Tally Mark Counting
9. Experiential Learning, Functions, and Celebrations
10. Free Play, Technology Corner, Zumba