Health & Safety

Hygiene isn’t something we started looking out for after Covid. Hygiene is something integral to the founding principles of Utopia Primary School. From keeping their classrooms and washrooms clean to making them wash hands before meals, we strive to teach little children the importance of self-care.

What we did in fact introduce (after covid) in addition to this is the use of Masks and Sanitizers. And we require your assistance in keeping our rockstars safe from any disease. Send them with a mask, we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Sanitation Procedures

1. Every person is supposed to wash their hands for 30 seconds upon entering the school.
2. Every classroom is sanitized every night as part of the closing operation, in addition to the normal cleaning measures.
3. Every night, as part of the closing routine, all shelves, toys, books, and materials are sanitized.

On-Campus Protocols

1. Staff will be expected to wear facial masks, and children aged 3 and above will be encouraged but not compelled to wear them.
2. When you enter the building, your phone will be wiped clean.
3. Before entering a classroom, all staff members must wash their hands.
4. Everyone entering the building can clean their hands at hand sanitizing stations.