Junior Montessori (Playgroup)

Age Group - 2 to 3 Yrs

Junior Montessori is a great way to introduce your kid to learning while also helping them develop their motor abilities. Toddlers at this age are keen to pick up on their surroundings and their environment. This is a critical period in which children develop cognitively faster than at any other age. Their minds are always learning and assimilating new information. Curiosity pushes your kid to explore when they begin to walk and talk on a daily basis. There is no technology in this classroom; instead, it is entirely hands-on and visual learning that will help them improve their minds.

Our Activities

English: Introduction of letters

1. By finger tipping: Poster colors were applied on the tip of the index finger and the students were asked to put fingertip impression on the given letter.

2. Picture pasting: Students were asked to paste the pictures (after applying the fevicol) in their notebook of the words that starts with the letter.

Math: Introduction of numbers

1. Cotton bud dabbing: Students were asked to dip the tip of the cotton bud in the poster color and to dab it on the number written in the notebook.

2. Making marbles: Students were asked to draw the marbles equal to the number taught and then color them.

Visual Arts

1. Coloring

2. Leaf impression activity

3. Cotton pasting activity

4. Buds Pasting activity

5. Paper doll craft


1. Domestic Animals: Animals sound: students were asked to make sounds of different domestic animals and the teacher will put the paper mask on the face of the children.

2. Wild Animals: Lion Craft- A4 yellow pastel sheet was used and the ears were made out of brown origami sheet and were pasted. Googly eyes were used mouth and other details are done with the help of a marker.

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