Welcome to Utopia

At Utopia, we recognize that every child is unique and therefore we fully embrace and support ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’.

It is an integral part of the whole educational experience of the children and our ethos. We exist to provide early years education for children of the local community.

Utopia Primary School is located at Dalanwala in Dehradun. Utopia has an Eco-friendly atmosphere within the school which helps to develop the child mentally and spiritually in tune with the environment around him/her. We are equally focused on the challenges, satisfaction, and fun that every child deserves in their growing years.

Our Achievements

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Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a balanced development of spirit in each kid and encourage them to grow to their full potential! We will use a holistic approach to ensure that each child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive skills are all developed. We recognize that every kid is unique and special, and that great early childhood experiences are critical to a child’s entire development later in life. Through proper role modeling, we strive to establish and maintain a safe atmosphere in which children may develop and grow in a good manner.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission- To set little children on the road of creativity and curiosity while developing self-awareness (emotional development and physical skills), self-care (proper eating habits, dressing skills), academic skills, empathy, and confidence! At Utopia Primary School, your bundle of joy learns and grows in a state-of-the-art environment with teachers encouraging an open communication of ideas. Our goal is to enable all learners’ access to learning through the provision.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of education is based on a “ character first” approach.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,”
~ Nelson Mandela

School education is what molds and develops a child’s personality. The key to developing social and life skills is a good education. So what exactly constitutes a good education? A good academic record is not enough for helping them lead a fruitful life. This is precisely why we give more focus to preparing students with morals, ethics, soft skills. From learning the art of critical thinking to achieving basic values of socializing, we strive to provide it all!

Working Hours

For Junior Montessori & Senior Montessori

Mon-Sat 08:50 am - 12:15 pm

For Preparatory Step to Step 5

Mon-Sat 08:00 am - 02:15 pm