Preparatory Step (UKG)

Age Group - 4 to 5 Yrs

Kindergarten students learn about skip counting, greater than and less than, word families, and so much more! We incorporate a little amount of the first-grade curriculum. It will prepare the child for success in first grade and beyond when they reach this age. Rather than being taught, our technique assists children in learning by understanding. As a result of this information, your child will build confidence and love studying!

Our Activities

English: CVC Words

1. We make a CVC Wheel and the kids learn to make new ‘CVC words’ with it.

Math: Number Names

1. Finger Impression: Students were asked to make caterpillars through finger impression activity and children learned about numbers and number names.

2. Addition: Students were asked to make carrots using cut & paste and learned to count and add by sticking sticks on it.

Visual Arts

1. Drawing and coloring

2. Paper doll craft activity

3. Christmas candy stick craft

4. Flower making craft


1. Birds Name: Students were told the names of birds and they made a paper duck using hand-painting.

2. Insects Name: Students were told the names of insects and they made a paper honey bee by number ‘2’.

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