Dear Parents,
Fredrick Douglass said “It is easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men”. This quote has a deep meaning in relation to primary education. In India, we save money for higher education for our kids but ignore investing in primary learning.

Experts tell us that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five. If we don’t begin thinking about good education in early years, our children are at risk of falling behind.

Primary education is the first step in making the character of a child. The Aim of Utopia Primary School is to ensure broad-based learning of the child. This includes the development of motor, social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills. Learning activities and lessons are planned in a way that gives birth to creative and enquiring minds and keeps them engaged meaningfully.

Utopia Primary School aims at providing a rich, stimulating and caring environment in which every child feels happy, safe, secure and confident.

Mini Tripathi