Senior Montessori (LKG)

Age Group - 3 to 4 Yrs

Senior Montessori is specially designed with age-appropriate resources to prepare your child for the next stage in their education. From the moment they walk into the classroom, your little learner will fall in love with our loving environment. Our children’s curriculum is tailored to their rapid development, preparing them for the next steps. We support the kids in whatever they do, and as they master one skill set, we move them on to the next. Our objective is to never stop a child from learning, but rather to help them develop. Children are continuously encouraged to be inventive and inquisitive. They learn because they are curious!

Our Activities

English: Introduction of letters

1. By finger tipping: Poster colors were applied on the tip of the index finger and the students were asked to put fingertip impression on the given letter.

2. Wool pasting: Students were asked to paste the wool (after applying the fevicol) on the letters written in the notebook.

Math: Introduction of numbers

1. Cotton bud dabbing: Students were asked to dip the tip of the cotton bud in the poster color and to dab it on the number written in the notebook.

2. Making marbles: Students were asked to draw the marbles equal to the number taught and then color them.

Visual Arts

1. Coloring

2. Thumb printing

3. Paper Craft

4. Shapes Concept

5. Art & Craftwork

6. Christmas craft activity


1. Domestic Animals: Rabbit Craft: A paper foam plate was used and the ears were made out of white pastel sheets and were pasted. Googly eyes were used.

2. Wild Animals: Students were asked to print their hands using different poster colors on A4 white pastel sheets and then the eyes, mouth, and tail were made. Lion, elephant, and giraffe were made in this activity.

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