Step 1-2

Age Group - 5 to 7 Yrs

Our Step 1 and 2 classroom courses are designed to stimulate your children academically and intellectually! Your child will begin writing independently, acquiring phonetic words, and learning basic math concepts. Addition, subtraction, place value, and skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s will all be covered. Your child will also start asking and answering questions, making up and repeating stories, and tying their shoes. At this time, your kid will be self-sufficient, and their minds will be more open to hundreds of learning possibilities.

Our Activities


1. Magical creatures activity: In this activity, we cut and pasted different magical creatures in the notebook like a goblin, fairy, etc.

2. Adverbs activity: In this activity, we wrote some sentences on an A3 sheet with adverbs written in a circle of colorful paper.


1. Multiplication Readiness: Students used rajma beans and ice tries to learn multiplication. For example.- 7 times 3 (7×3) so, they put 3 beans in 7 blocks and then counted the total number of beans

2. Measurement of weight: Students learned about the weighing scale and the weight bars used to measure the weight. They also measured the weight of different objects on a weighing scale using weight bars of kg and gram.


1. Keys of the keyboard: Pictures of different keys of a keyboard were given to the students and in an A3 sheet they had to paste them, identify the key, and write the name along with it.


1. Our helpers: An activity based on people who help us was done in the class in which children were asked to identify the pictures of the characters given to them and paste them into an A3 sheet.

2. Air: Explanation of one property of Air i.e Air has weight. 30 cm ruler and two balloons were used. One was inflated and the other one was deflated. When students were trying to balance both the balloons they learned that the inflated balloon went down because of the weight of the air.

Visual Arts

1. Drawing and Colouring

2. Craft (Christmas)

3. Cotton Pasting craft

4. Perception Art

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